Victor Frajewicki, MD

Medical Advisor


Over 20 years’ experience as Specialist in Nephrology and Hypertension.Head, Department of Nephrology and Hypertension, at “Carmel Medical Center” in Haifa, Israel. Vice-President, the Israeli Society of Nephrology and Hypertension. Chairman, Nephrology Technologies Committee, Clalit Health System.


Additional Background & Publications

Licensed in both Argentina and Israel, Dr. Frajewicki has served in numerous positions in the field of Nephrology. Dr. Frajewicki is a member of the International Society of Nephrology and an active researcher in the field of Kidney disease ad Dialysis.

Selected Publications:

  • Abassi Z, Shalabi A, Sohotnik R, Nativ O, Awad H, Bishara B, Frajewicki V, Sukhotnik I, Abbasi A, Nativ O. Urinary NGAL and KIM-1: Biomarkers for Assessment of Acute Ischemic Kidney Injury Following Nephron Sparing Surgery. J Urol. 2013 Apr;189(4):1559-66
  • Sohotnik R, Nativ O, Abassi Z, Awad H, Frajewicki V, Bishara B, Sukhotnik I, Armaly Z, Aronson D, Heyman SN, Nativ O, Abassi ZA. Phosphodiesterase5 Inhibition Attenuates Early Renal Ischemia/Reperfusion-Induced Acute Kidney Injury: Assessment by measurement of urinary NGAL and KIM-1. Am J Physiol Renal Physiol. 2013 Apr;304(8):F1099-104. 12
  • A. Gil, V. Brod, H. Hawad, SN Heyman, Z. Abassi, V. Frajewicki. Neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin in a triphasic rat model of adenine-induced kidney injury. Ren Fail. 2016 ;3:1-7
  • T. Tanasiychuk, DA. Kushnir, A. Antebi, V. Frajewicki. Paradoxically normal location of peritoneal dialysis catheter. Kidney Int 2019;95:470
  • Tanasiychuk T, Selgas R, Kushnir d, Abed Elhalim M, Amtebi A, Del Peso G, Bajo MA, Frajewicki V. The ideal position of the peritoneal dialysis catheter is not always ideal. Int Urol Nephrol. 2019 Jul 1. doi: 10.1007/s11255-019-02177-3.

More publications here.