ECO system for Dialysis –
iRen’s Digital Dialysis Clinic


Home PD automatic single exchange

  • Automatic connection
  • Automatic flush technology to reduce contaminants load after connection
  • 20 min automatic single exchange
  • Sensing system for automatic detection and reporting of potential infection – at the point of care


Automatically generated insights and alerts based on:

  • Compliance data
  • Outcome information
  • Vital signs from connected sensors
  • Information related to potential infection


Dashboards to support treatment decision making.

  • Prescription adaption
  • Machine parameters adjustment
  • Vital signs tracking schedule

iRen’s cutting-edge innovation is safe, patient-friendly and portable.

In addition to liberating patients, it also enables clinics to optimize their economic model and improve the quality of their service while lowering costs.
This creates the optimal, world’s first 360° platform for people with kidney disease and caregivers alike.

People on Dialysis

Patients are empowered and enabled to perform safe and fast self-dialysis exchanges. Once connected to iRen’s Digital Dialysis Clinic, the system allows you to perform daily dialysis activities from the comfort of your home, office or while on vacation. Your daily dialysis sessions are monitored by your clinician and updates of your care or protocol sent to you.

Information for Patients

Health Care 

Clinicians can provide cost-effective dialysis delivery, training, and support for patients remotely. Once registered on iRen’s Digital Dialysis Clinic, health care professionals can immediately provide personalized service through a secure cloud-based Digital Illness Management Portal and monitor their patients remotely. The system is suitable to all health care professionals: existing and new dialysis organizations, as well as independent clinics and hospitals.